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Aftermarket Motorcycle Exhausts

What is the Point?

Believe it or not, there are numerous riders who don’t even understand the purpose of having an exhaust system on their bike. The most obvious reason all bikes come fitted with exhausts is to route the carbon monoxide and other gases that the engine creates away from the rider. This includes soot that would normally wind up on the rider or passengers legs if the exhaust system didn’t move it away. The second key reason for an exhaust system is that it muffles the operating noise that the bikes engine generates. Although some people like their bikes to be as loud as possible, the average rider prefers to not almost go deaf every time they fire up their bike.

Time for an Upgrade?

It is safe to assume that your bike came with a stock exhaust system already installed. However, many people decide to swap out that system for something a little more stylish, or lighter, or quieter. The most popular reason to swap out an exhaust system is to change the sound. Whether you are looking for a sound that is quieter or louder, the best way to give your bike that distinctive “roar” is to invest in an aftermarket exhaust. If you are looking to improve the overall performance of your bike, a new exhaust system is also your best bet. In fact, there is no other component to the bike that you can change out that is as cost effective as the exhaust. It can lighten the total weight of the bike and improve aerodynamics both of which lead to an increase in both power and handling of the bike.  Finally, if you want to give your bike an individualized look that better reflects your style, changing out the exhaust can be a part of that process as well.

Which Exhaust is for Me?

When it comes to choosing the best exhaust, it really comes down to the individual. The 2 key factors to consider is personal choice, and the purpose of the bike. Obviously personal choice refers to each individuals own unique impression of what makes a bike look and sound good. That should play a large part of the type of exhaust that you purchase. Perhaps just as important is the purpose of your bike. A cruising bike, a racing bike, and a touring bike all have vastly different needs when it comes to exhaust systems. So visit your local motorcycle dealerships or custom shops and do the research into what makes the most sense for your individual ride.